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"Standard cleaning and pigging operations would almost certainly have failed.  However the use of 54GO resulted in a cleaning operation taking less 2 standard workdays.  The anticipated time had been 10 standard workdays...a savings of 80%.  Additionally, 54GO reduced the anticipated hazardous waste by 90% by liquefying much of the petrochemical solids in the pipeline."  -President, TECC

"Prior to using 54GO chemicals, it was necessary to cut paraffin at least once every month to keep the well on-line.  For the past two years since utilizing 54GO, the well has increased in both oil and gas production, and the use of wire line paraffin cutters has been discontinued." -President, COC

"After the treatments were started, scaling problems ceased, paraffin buildup ceased, and BS&W content in the crude significantly declined.  Eliminating hot oiling and extra treating fees by the refinery." -Lease Operator, MOI

"We had to annually pull this well due to scaling off completely.  Since applications of 54GO, we have not pulled the well for two years.  I don't believe 54GO has stopped the scaling completely, but it has proved to slow down the scaling process." -Production Supervisor, MOC

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