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In the normal application, of common oilfield treatment chemicals the effects are usually rapid and somewhat effective, but quickly need re-application of the treatment chemical to assure that its effect will last. In many applications these treatments are once or more a month. On the other hand, 54GO’s unique additives are designed to prolong these beneficial effects over a period of months and years.

In the general scheme of things 54GO
’s unique formula will promote four specific chemical/physical activities that allow specific flow rates to remain higher than sister untreated wells or wells treated with commonly available chemicals. These four activities are summarized below.

1. Two of 54GO
’s major ingredients begin to rapidly soften a wide variety of build-up products found in oil and gas wells. Because this first step is critical these two starter ingredients are present in the greatest quantity. As these starter chemicals begin to push apart the “gunk” from the walls of the formation or pipe two of 54GO’s chemicals go to work.

2. These two intermediate action chemicals are common to a whole family of similar products. Each will bind to a dissimilar surface and begin to push apart closely related surface-active well products.

3. When this separation is complete two of the 54GO
components have now bound to two opposite surfaces of the well plugging products. One of 54GO’s components binds to the production zone formation, pipe or fracture sand and produces a layer that is slicker [charge neutralized] than these surfaces were before treatment. These surfaces tend to be charged and will attract the slightly charged fractions of production hydrocarbons and promulgate gunk formation. The other surface, containing the other bound 54GO chemical, is now a moving hydrocarbon front, which tends to be un-charged and unless is held apart will coalesce into a plug or significant build-up of gunk. Both of which decrease flow from the production system to the surface if not kept mobile. With the gunk in a mobile phase it can now move out of the formation and up the well and out. When the currently available products are used they have a similar effectiveness to 54GO.

4. However at this point the uniqueness of 54GO
comes into it’s own. At this time another different 54GO component binds to the chemical layer covering the charged surfaces noted above. This last chemical component is the key to 54GO’s uniqueness, and because of this last additive the effective pathways of common treatment chemicals and 54GO rapidly diverge. With common treatment chemicals the hydrocarbon flows from the formation to the stem pipe and upward to the pipeline erode and strip away the treatment chemicals from the charged surfaces, allowing the build-up of gunk to begin, which will now decrease both liquid flow and gas production. In the case of 54GO this final propriety chemical binds strongly to the newly formed uncharged surface. This final “chemical keystone” is bound sufficiently to allow the production hydrocarbons, both liquid and gas, to continue to move along and across the bound surfaces with a significantly reduced erosion rate, much like chemical ball bearings.

In summary the unique aspects of 54GO
are tied to it’s sequential binding and/or chemical attachment to the active surfaces within the oil and gas production system. This unique synergism adds to the economic effectiveness of 54GO. The uniqueness of 54GO is such that if it’s chemicals are added to the system in a different order the process fails to have synergism.




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